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Bridgeville, PA Cervicogenic Headache Treatment

Bridgeville, PA headache care by Dr. KohlerWe know how difficult chronic headache pain can be. Dr. Kohler and our staff have worked with many patients in our Bridgeville, PA chiropractic practice, and we've had great success in helping people eliminate their headache pain.

Research Proves Chiropractic Helps With Cervicogenic Headaches

A 2016 research paper verifies what we see in our office. In this report, the authors started with 110 patients who were suffering with headaches that originated in the cervical spine. 58 of these patients were given a series of neck adjustments; 52 were given some stretches and exercises. The treatment period for both groups was four weeks.

The paper found that the patients who received cervical and thoracic spinal adjustments "experienced significantly greater reductions in headache intensity, disability, headache frequency, headache duration, and medication intake as compared to the group that received mobilization and exercise."

The investigation also found that these results were maintained at the three-month follow-up exam.

Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to treat headache, back pain, neck pain, and many other health conditions. If you're tired of suffering, give Dr. Kohler a call today at our Bridgeville, PA office at (412) 257-3228. We're here to help get you out of pain.


Dunning JR, Butts R, Mourad F, Young I, et al. Upper cervical and upper thoracic manipulation versus mobilization and exercise in patients with cervicogenic headache: a multi-center randomized clinical trial. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2016;17(1):64.

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January 04, 2021
Dr. Kohler

Dr. Paul Kohler is a chiropractor in Bridgeville, PA. For 20 years he has been providing quality chiropractic care to patients in Pittsburgh and the South Hills, primarily his neighbors in Bridgeville, South Fayette, Scott, Upper St Clair, Carnegie and Nevillewood. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headache, sciatica or have been in an auto collision, Back 2 Health Family & Sports Chiropractic can get you back on the road to health.